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1 July 2020
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Why some enquiries to escorts fall flat

People wonder why they might make an enquiry with an escort that is met with a brusque or no response. Please think seriously about whether you are ready to make a booking or not, before engaging with a lady to consume her time for no good reason. Remember, this is our Living! We are paid Companions for whom time is money. For every hour we spend wading through reams of messages that enter us into a ‘back and forth’ match of words, we’ve potentially missed out on a genuine customer who needed a timely answer. People have busy schedules and plans that can change instantly. Just giving us compliments, or friendly chat asking about our day or plans for the week, and expecting us to answer all your (often intrusive) questions is very poor form.

Contrary to popular belief…

We aren’t simply lounging about in lingerie, whiling away the day and pining for some chap to give us a compliment or a bit of attention! Please don’t engage purely to monopolise our time in back and forth chitchat if you know you aren’t ready to book for several weeks or months. Gents who get in touch to rave about our pictures and ramble on about how they’d love to book us, ‘some time in the not too distant future’ should really wait until that time before messaging. It serves no purpose whatsoever beforehand.

Here’s what we really want

The ideal enquiry is one where the gent has an actual date or range of dates which are viable for him, and he asks if the lady might be available for one of them. He will suggest a date, a duration, and ask where to send his deposit as a show of commitment and good faith, if the date is suitable. He is perfectly happy with being screened and with or without prompting, will email his photo ID for the lady’s peace of mind, with nothing to hide, but his privacy/identity, which is exactly the same concern for the lady.

Lastly, he will reassure the lady that he has fully read her Etiquette page or Terms of Engagement and can confirm he fits her required criteria and will comply with all specified protocols therein. THIS is a client to treasure and the few times such organised, thoughtful and efficient gents email us, we treat them like the kings they are! They are always rewarded with the best of dates, believe me!

So to summarise:

Please email us with 1. A suggested Date/s 2. Duration required 3. Send photo ID 4. Pay 30-40% deposit to secure the booking. 5. READ the lady’s Terms and ensure you are compliant and happy you fit her desired criteria. These things ensure that you are both on the same page from the start to guarantee a more enjoyable date for both parties.

Once you’ve done the important things, feel free to send more background details about you and the kind of date you’re hoping for – we love all that! But never swamp us in long missives that demand answers or lots of time we cannot afford in the build up to your date. There are some things we’d rather learn on the actual date, so tell us just enough in your emails to make us eager to know more. Leave us something to look forward to when we actually meet…. See you then Gents; – Can’t wait!


  1. Hellga says:

    I wish all my clients would read this!

  2. J x says:

    I can certainly commend the value of an earnest and respectful enquiry in eliciting a warm and welcoming response. More than that, my introduction to minxology proved the most exquisite of dates. Authentic simmering sensuality laced with bracing good humour made for a delightful and pleasurable afternoon. I’m so glad I took the plunge with the magnificent Maddie.

    • You really are too kind Jon! I had a wonderful time on our date, not least because you exemplified the perfect enquiry I spoke of, and bore it out in your charming effusive manner throughout. I would be delighted to see you again in future X

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