Hopefully this isn't too patronising, but for newbies, & the avoidance of any doubt:

Please settle fee upon arrival in an unsealed envelope, discreetly at the first opportunity.

Bacs Deposits are required for ALL bookings, to cover travel, late cancellations or no shows.

Deposits are refunded in full if I cancel, but retained if you cancel.

Full fee is payable if you cancel with 24hrs notice or less.

Screening IS necessary, but your ID and privacy is completely safe and protected.

Safe sex is obligatory and not negotiable, for your total protection and mine.

Scrupulous intimate grooming/cleanliness is vital for dates to go ahead. Non smokers preferred.

Discretion is vital. I will always respect yours and expect the same consideration.

l will never call unless you specify a safe time to call or text. Email me anytime.

Never call without prior agreement unless in emergency/on a date: to find each other.

Please alert me immediately via email if you are running late and keep me updated.

l need 24hrs notice for dates, to start no later than 8pm. Daytimes are much preferred.

Agreed overtime/extension pay should be settled at the start of the extension hour.

I don’t use or condone recreational drugs being taken in my company

Dates 4hrs or more must include food, as preparation & travel time may exceed 3hrs

Stringent hand washing & limited facial contact is maintained to limit risk of Covid-19 being inadvertently passed on. A date will not go ahead if either of us feel ill or show Viral symptoms.

Thank you so much for your consideration... I promise I'll make it up to you!

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