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26 September 2020

The Perfect Enquiry

Why some enquiries get great results, whilst others fail to book a date
1 July 2020
Bisexual escort kissing and caressing

To Bi or not to Bi

Pretending to Bi… Lots of escorts claim to be bisexual, believing it’s good for Business. They don’t enjoy sex with girls half as much as men, but acting a part is fine for them. I personally believe all women are latently bisexual, and those denying it are probably just uncomfortable with the fact. Trying NOT to Bi… I say this with the experience of fighting my own bisexual instincts from an early age. Bizarrely; I acted like a predatory male around girls from a really young age, instinctively, without any worries or inhibitions. But as soon as I entered my […]
3 May 2020
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Welcome to my Blog

Gentlemen, if you made it this far, thank you for browsing my Site. Some of you might recognise me as Maddie the Minx from E.C. where, after a wonderful time; I decided to venture into the big wide World to work for myself independently. Erotic tales of Minxing Mayhem will be added to this blog in due course, so please do check back regularly, and leave me a comment or suggestion if you wish as I love reading them. And don’t forget to please follow me on Twitter, as I do tend to tweet every day as TheMinx@minxalure. Hope to […]