The Art of Minxology

You: a confident, worldly, successful gent with a broadminded, cultured taste for the best in everything. You don't suffer fools gladly, and you're attracted to mature, intelligent, assertive women with beauty, ambition and elegance.

Me: a mature sophisticated Vixen with intelligence, grace and wit, full of passion and youthful exuberance. I love adventure and I'm attracted to witty, dynamic gents with impeccable grooming and confidence. Age & looks are irrelevant to me, as I find cleanliness and other qualities far more seductive.

l prefer fewer quality dates over financial motivation. Personal chemistry, respect and sapiosexual attraction is vital. I read all enquiries carefully and decline all that don't attract instinctively. I love connecting with genuine warmth and intimacy, that leaves you feeling fantastic, desired and exhilarated. 

If you think you can handle more than one lady, you'll find links to others on my Friends page. We form an exclusive Independent Collective, where total quality and discretion is assured. So if anything above resonates with you, maybe you're someone I'd love to meet and share my time with!

What can you expect on a date?

I love to give pleasure; so l ensure you feel relaxed and in control at all times, unless you'd rather be led and seduced...? Whether you need a lover, a mistress or confidante; our date will help you relax, have fun, confide your whims without judgement and be completely indulged. Our desires are probably a lot more aligned than you think!

We all have unique tastes, so tailoring encounters to be special to each person is something l enjoy delivering, whether it's a tender GFE, something far raunchier, or anywhere between the two. I also love to entertain and amuse my dates. Men seeking a 'Porn Star Experience' format with a format of actions don't interest me, but men approaching with an open heart and mind, find our dates exceed all expectation, as desires are explored organically as the mood unfolds. Being 'Minxed' is experienced differently by each individual.